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Bozeman Magazine Bio


Gina DiMaggio is a Bozeman artist originally from Olympia, Washington. She moved to Bozeman after she graduated from Pacific Luther University where she earned her BSN, RN and played collegiate volleyball. She was raised in a family of artists. The women in her family enjoyed working with a wide range of mediums, including watercolor, acrylics, oils, pastels, mosaic tile, and glass. Gina began painting as a hobby in 2019 while raising her two kids and most of her work at that time was for friends and family. As her skill and confidence improved, clients from all over the US began to reach out to commission her artwork.


Gina named her business “Color of Ashes’’ for her brother, Nino. Nino passed away at 18 and Gina has always felt a deep sense of loss as well as a fierce wonder for life. She feels that life can bring pain and tragedy, yet there is always love and beauty to follow. Color of Ashes is symbolic for Gina. The image of ash settling represents our pain. However, once settled, we see the miraculous truth that color remains all around. Color of Ashes acknowledges the struggles and rewards of life. Gina is passionate about painting. She feels the act of creating art is peaceful and brings an inner stillness. Conscious of the mind-body connection, she feels painting is therapeutic and is both psychically and spiritually healing. She finds that hours pass without notice as she immerses herself in the process of creation. Becoming an artist has brought gratitude, humility and a sense of purpose.


Gina enjoys painting her subjects in wild colors that delight the eye. She works from black and white images and allows the light and contrast to guide her artistic interpretation. In her spare time, she enjoys time with her children, snowboarding, beach volleyball, and is a vocalist in the band Gina and the Wildfire. Her work is featured in the Nova Café and graces the labels of Maven’s Market wine bottles.


She is truly grateful she has found her path and has been blessed by the support of her friends and family. Gina is endlessly grateful for all the support of her clients. She plans to continue to grow and nourish her craft and is excited for what her future as an artist in Bozeman may bring.

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